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    Kennel Oro D’Etna.Labrador Retriever and Weimar Pointers

    Good Afternoon! My name is Leonova Oksana and I’m glad to welcome you to the site of my kennel.
    I am engaged in dogs more than 14 years. In course of time I understood the breed and the goals I set myself to improve the breed and to popularize it. So, in 2011 the Kennel of Labrador Retriever and Weimar Pointers «Oro D’Etna» was registered in International Canine Federation (FCI).

    The soul of the kennel is its procreator.

    I am very proud of my girls. Our first brood bitch was female Labrador chocolate color puppy named LAUMINAS ISABEL(Lauma) from the kennel « LAUMINAS» in Latvia. Lauma opened to me the heart and the soul of Labrador – dedication, love, happiness in its eyes and unbounded kindness. Lauma’s show career is very intense – InterChampion, Champion of 15 countries, СACIB – 8 times, Best of Breed -22 times, International diploma of 2 degree in dead game delivery – 2 times, Diploma of 2 degrees in rescue on water, tribal class – 1, Best Labrador Retriever Junior Belarus 2011 and Best Labrador Belarus in 2012.
    In 2013 Lauma gave us 10 charming kids. Their father was Multi Ch Black Velvet Medziotoju svajone (Lithuania). Now these puppies live all over the world — Russia, Latvia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China. They are already take high places on exhibitions and show excellent results in hunting.
    In 2012 we acquired another one classy Labrador puppy from the kennel “STARSEARCHER” (Ryazan, Russia) named STARSEARCHER UAIT LI ( Cherry). She is an incredible Fidget. Cherry shows good results both at dog shows and in its performance in the tests. Cherry is 1,5 years old and is already Junior Champion of Breed, Junior Champion of Belarus, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Russia, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Breed and also has Diploma of 2 degree in dead game delivery.

    Also we breed Weimar Pointers in our kennel. These royal dogs won my heart in 2009 when I first saw them. And in 2012 we got our first dog of this breed THE ANGEL OF LOVE CARSKI TRAKT (Eva) from Polish kennel «CARSKI TRAKT». Eva’s parents were legendary Weimaranus Jewel in the Crown(Poland) and Nani’s Sovereign Cross Check (Australia). Its pedigree includes the best blood of the world, ancestors in three generations were World Champions. Eva is a Champion in 11 countries. In 2013 we got another one Weimar Pointer bitch from Yaroslavl (Russia)named Dancing Queen (Desha). Desha’s parents are brilliant representatives of the breed — Afrodita from Yar Heleh Haus and Le Fol Du Vent Fala Love’A . Desha has excellent hunting quality which were noted on tests and during the real hunting. A lot of hunting dogs may envy Desha’s flair and endurance. Desha is a Champion in 10 countries.

    Also we woud like to present our Males.

    In 2013 we got a chocolate colour Labrador stud dog named TJOTTE’S SAVED BY A DANCE (Bordo) from world-famous Swedish kennel TJOTTE’S. Many thanks to Ann Charlotte Burman because she trusted me this gem. I was charmed by Bordo’s amazing character – calm, self-confident, true-hearted, obedient and incredibly kind. Bordo is only at the beginning of its show career but is already ВISS BABY 1 – 1 time, Best Babby – 6 times, BISS PUPPY 1 – 2 times, Best Puppy – 9 times. And it’s only the beginning…
    Now as a guest we have Desha’s brother DALTON SILVER ANGEL FLYING FORWARD ( Joy). Joy is the Best Weimar Pointer of Russia. This gorgeous dog took all the best from its ancestors. Its figure and power amaze… Joy is Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Estonia, Champion of Russian Kynological Federation (RKF), Club Winner, Sabaneeva Eukanuba Winner, Eurasia 2014-I / 2014-II Champion , CACIBx8, BIS-1, BIS-3, BIS-4 and also Field Champion on working qualities.

    We are always happy to help puppy owners and ensure a lifelong assistance in growing dogs. We use only German super-premium feed JOSERA. We pay particular attention to dog’s feeding because puppies feeding is the foundation of health in the future. All our dogs have been tested for health and are free from genetic diseases. This ensures healthy posterity from our dogs.
    Also, we are always happy to take care of your pets during your vacation and to create home atmosphere for the pet’s comfort. Our kennel is located in the country and we have vast territory for walking and spacious aviaries.
    If you are interested in show career of your pet or hunting we are glad to provide assistance in training and dog shows.
    We also help you to find the best pair for mating to get necessary features in posterity because dog breeding is a process of improvement of the breed but not increasing of number.
    We are glad to answer any questions concerning feeding and care of your pets!

    Good pastime on our website!


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